Connecting a service to pay for purchases in installments

More opportunities for your store with the service of paying for purchases in installments.


How to get a lets'encrypt wildcard certificate?

Some time ago it became possible to get wilсard cert from Let's Encrypt for free.
Finally, today you can get a wildcard cert. And so, we will tell you how it can be done.


Some useful tricks and snippets for working with phpoffice.

In the course of work, one often has to deal with tasks that are solved by reading the documentation of some kind of library.

So in particular, this time I had to run into . This is a great library for working with office documents. With its help, you can read and form these documents in php.


How to generate yii2 migrations from a database?

We are talking about the fact that we have already done the project and have a database, but there are no migrations designed according to the rules of yii2.


Updated office skeeks. Glowing logo on the wall.

The repair is almost complete, you can put the furniture, and here are the most significant walls of the office.


How to convert inactive links in the text to active (clickable)?

A very frequent task in order to provide your users with high-quality and convenient site functionality is the conversion of links in plain text or html. After all, when you give your users something to write independently on the site (for example, comments), then of course you try to protect them from html code. But if they do not use it, then they cannot select links according to the html rules. And it needs to be done for them.

For projects on the yii2 framework, I wrote a small extension:


How to copy javascript text to clipboard?

To copy any text into js clipboard, you can paste this text into input, which must be visible and not in a twisted div, select it and use the built-in js document.exe function ("copy");


Update our sites!

Friends, customers and anyone interested in SkeekS and SkeekS CMS.
We are pleased to announce that we are starting to update our projects and tools!

And today we are launching an updated version of the site with a cool light bulb on the main page.

But some sections of our site are still at the stage of filling and development.