Quickly copy files from server to server in the background. Rsync and scp.

To quickly copy files directly from one server to another, there are many utilities. Consider the most popular ones.

Rsync and scp.

The article is not for experienced administrators. And for programmers and novice administrators who are faced with administrative tasks.


How to install promox 3 on a clean debian 7 (Wheezy) server

The workflow for installing the proxmox 3 virtualization system on a clean debian 7 (Wheezy) OS server.


How to correctly change the hostname in Proxmox 7?

There are situations when you need to change the hostname of the server.

For example, if you installed Proxmox7 on the server and subsequently changed the hostname and the web interface of the Proxmox panel stopped working.


Translation coordinates nmea in degrees for use in Yandex and Google maps. Php gist.

During the implementation of one interesting project (related to GPS navigation), the data comes to the server from GPS in the nmea format. And the coordinates, in turn, for use in the web need additional processing.

I leave a small gist coordinate transformation in the php language.


How to override jQuery in yii2 project?

One option would be the following example:

In the config file of the project @ frontend / config / main.php add:


How to connect a separate template for a mobile device in a Yii2 project.

During the work on any project (using the Yii2 php framework), very often there is a need to connect a separate template for different devices (tablet, phone, PC).