Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.1.0

This release mechanism seriously rewritten with additional properties. Fixed minor bugs.


How to connect a separate template for a mobile device in a Yii2 project.

During the work on any project (using the Yii2 php framework), very often there is a need to connect a separate template for different devices (tablet, phone, PC).


New by SkeekS CMS (projects, components, updates)

Recently, we do not often write news about SkeekS CMS. But this does not mean that nothing new connected with it is happening.


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS)

All the latest releases, have been aimed mainly at correcting a variety of bugs. And so all notes notice level is removed.


How to make 301 redirect in the .htaccess file? Examples of setting up 301 redirects on the site.

There are a lot of articles on the global network. Therefore, only a small list of examples that we use in our daily work will be published here.


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.0.0

In this release, rewritten many of the CMS. Whole pieces separated from her individual self-expansion. Just slightly expanded functionality, appeared filters flexibly configurable individulno for themselves.


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