Some useful tricks and snippets for working with phpoffice.

In the course of work, one often has to deal with tasks that are solved by reading the documentation of some kind of library.

So in particular, this time I had to run into . This is a great library for working with office documents. With its help, you can read and form these documents in php.


How to generate yii2 migrations from a database?

We are talking about the fact that we have already done the project and have a database, but there are no migrations designed according to the rules of yii2.


Updated office skeeks. Glowing logo on the wall.

The repair is almost complete, you can put the furniture, and here are the most significant walls of the office.


How to send a form to yii2 and skeeks cms via ajax?

If you search on this topic, you can find various tips for the yii2 framework. All of them boil down to the fact that you need to subscribe to a specific event of the form, intercept it, cancel the standard otppavku and form ajax request with the form data yourself.

Actually, a similar approach is implemented in skeeks cms, only this component is much more difficult, it can track the status of the submission, and prevent the form from being resubmitted until the first submission is completed.


Updates to seo components and form designer.

Recently, we are updating a lot of components. But few announce about changes in them. In short, what's new in the cms-seo component and cms-cms-module-form2.


Advanced work with the form designer in SkeekS CMS

Sometimes tasks arise when you need to add complex, custom validation to forms that were created through the form designer. For example, there is an email in the form, and you really need to check that it is an email. For these purposes, there is a simple solution.


How to translate a site built on SkeekS CMS into different languages?

This is a description of the component that is suitable for any SkeekS CMS project. It allows you to translate the site into different languages.


  • Translation of content into different languages
  • Translation of sections into different languages
  • Generates SEO url with the addition of the language version
  • Forms alternative meta tags (see source code)
  • Gives user selectable language widget
  • After 5 seconds, prompts the user to change the language on the site (if he understands that the user needs it)


How to make multilingual url in Yii2 project?

This component is suitable for any Yii2 project . It allows you to hook into the process of rafting and the process of parsing the request, and add the site language parameter to the url.

Able to work with setting yii2 url manager ( enablePrettyUrl => true ) and doing beautiful url of the, type